JJC Dictionary

Definitions of commonly used terms by JJC

Farkakta: פֿאַרקאַקט-Yiddish for bullshit / full of shit / lousy. Sometimes I accidentally type this as Farkata.

143: Pager Code for “I love you” (I has 1 letter, love has 4 letters, you has 3 letters).

WTF: What the fuck.

OMG: Oh my G-d.

Jane Doe: My corgi who I refer to by this name to protect her privacy.

Lucy Lnu: Jane Doe’s best friend.

Fnu Lnu: First name unknown Last name unknown. Notorious for setting up unsuspecting clients and entrapping them in incriminating situations then fleeing just before police arrive.

JJC: Juice Justice and Corgis, duh!

Sidebar-When counsel discusses an issue with the judge outside the presence of the jury. Used here to indicate a tangential thought.

JJC Hearts-Things JJC loves.

JJC Judge Crush-Judges JJC loves.

Corgi-A pembroke welsh corgi always…never refers to cardigan welsh corgis because those corgis are ugly and never featured on this site.

DV-domestic violence

CW-complaining witness aka alleged victim


PC-Penal Code

CAP-Court of Appeal

Supremeys-California Supreme Court

SCOTUS-Supreme Court of the United States



POS-piece of shit

OTR-off the record

BOTR-back on the record

what chu got to say?!

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