Daily Juice on the rocks with a Splash of Justice!

1. I am all about the kardashians and so over those who are so cliche and say shit like “they are famous for no reason” and “they have no talent.” Newsflash, these people have made millions off of a tv show about their lives and kim’s vagina. If you don’t get why you are obviouslyContinue reading “Daily Juice on the rocks with a Splash of Justice!”

Chris Brown – 911 Seizure Call | TMZ.com

Chris Brown – 911 Seizure Call | TMZ.com. Bummy. He has really taken a dark turn lately, recently announcing he may retire from music and that he is so over people hating on him for something that was many years ago. Of course, after he tweets his whining he deletes them. Also, stop tweeting shitContinue reading “Chris Brown – 911 Seizure Call | TMZ.com”

A lil Juice Before Bed

My beliefs on domestic violence can be, and have been, shocking to many.  I’ll refrain from expressing them here.  Because of said beliefs, JJC’s policy is no reports, links to, or mentions of alleged DV unless there is a super fucked up picture.  I mean, I would remiss to not post about the Chris BrownContinue reading “A lil Juice Before Bed”

Reality Steve WRONG!!!

1.  This season of the bachelorette has been excruciating.  My husband forces me to watch it. I wish I was kidding. It is so boring.2.  Reality Steve called it right when Jason did the unthinkable and dumped Melissa at AFTR then asked Molly back right after dumping Melissa because he made a mistake.  When IContinue reading “Reality Steve WRONG!!!”

Dear Topshop: You can’t just change the caption, you have to change the photo

This one is kinda funny.  So, Topshop made this tank: That no one with any style would wear this tank is not the funny part.  Topshop bought the rights to this photo, but it apparently did not occur to them that they needed permission from, or to compensate, Rihanna for using her image. Here isContinue reading “Dear Topshop: You can’t just change the caption, you have to change the photo”

Daily Dose of Juice, Justice and Corgis

Today’s Juice I finally got my hands on the 33 page (that is pretty long) indictment against RHONJ Theresa Giudice and her hubby. It ain’t pretty.  And the pulitzer goes to BuzzFeed for the best coverage. Even I don’t have the patience to analyze the indictment like that! Sadly (?) Joe Giudice is not a USC (united statesContinue reading “Daily Dose of Juice, Justice and Corgis”