SB 81: Game Changer for dismissing enhancements

This is such a topsy turvey that shit larry david style bill. SB81 basically makes it way tougher for judges to justify denying a motion to strike an enhancement. enhancements fuck our clients. 10 yr consecutive gang enhancement. (Currently) 10/ 20 / 25 yr consecutive gun enhancement. Nickel five year consecutive enhancements for a serious/violentContinue reading “SB 81: Game Changer for dismissing enhancements”

a JBLaw so angry prosecutorial argument primer

That feeling when a prosecutor commits so much misconduct your brief is a primer for lawyers on prosecutorial misconduct. I want to highlight this really good issue that I posted about re arguing that the circumstantial evidence instruction means jurors should convict if client’s version is “unreasonable” is improper. Enjoy. Manipulation of the circumstantial evidenceContinue reading “a JBLaw so angry prosecutorial argument primer”