Cal. Supreme Court today: good, great, bootsie AF

Good: Sanchez hearsay/confrontation clause issues are not forfeited if the case pre-dated Sanchez. People v. Perez, S248730. Great: “We granted review in this case to decide whether a convicted defendant who is placed on probation after imposition of sentence is suspended, and who does not timely appeal from the order granting probation, may take advantage ofContinue reading “Cal. Supreme Court today: good, great, bootsie AF”

Issue spotting: SB 620/SB 1393 resentencing hearings

I’ve seen a number of interesting issues come up during resentencing hearings for the court to exercise its newly afforded discretion to strike nickle priors or gun enhancements under SB 1393 and SB 620. So, I thought I’d share them. If you’d like citations or briefing contact me at (1)  Dual use of facts:Continue reading “Issue spotting: SB 620/SB 1393 resentencing hearings”

Book Review: Jessica Simpson’s new book

Wow. What a great read. I have read my fair share of celebrity memoirs including Faye Resnick’s book selling out Nicole Simpson, RHOC can’t remember her name about her abusive relationship, Kendra’s book, Holly’s book, Chelsea Handler’s book, Sarah Silverman’s book, Andi Dorfman’s book (SOOO BAD), and probably some I don’t remember. This was theContinue reading “Book Review: Jessica Simpson’s new book”