great pending legislation 

passed the assembly floor sponsored by CACJ:

SB 1052, authored by Senator Ricardo Lara, passed the Assembly floor today. SB 1052 adds section 625.6 to the Welfare and Institutions Code to require that juveniles have access to legal counsel before waiving their Miranda rights during a custodial interrogation.

SB 1389, which requires the electronic recording of custodial interrogations for persons suspected of homicide, passed the Assembly floor today. 

Yesterday CACJ’s sponsored AB 1909 passed the Senate floor.

AB 1909, authored by Assemblywoman Patty Lopez, passed the Senate floor yesterday. AB 1909 would amend Penal Code 141, creating a felony for prosecuting attorneys who knowingly and intentionally withhold exculpatory evidence. 

Brown is to veto or sign into law by September.