5 thoughts on the guy who facebook-confessed to murdering his wife

In case your head is in the sand and you hadn’t heard, some dude in florida allegedly killed (possibly in an imperfect self defense situation) his wife. He reportedly later took a photo of her slumped over dead bloody body, posted it on facebook with the caption “RIP Jennifer Alonso” and a confession and goodbye letter to his fb friends. Here are the top 5 things that came to mind, unfiltered, as I read this story.

1. Really, you tagged her in the photo? Kinda harsh. She can’t even remove the tag.

A fb spokesperson said, among other things: “We take action on all content that violates our terms, which are clearly laid out on our site.”

2. A woman is killed by her husband and her dead body is posted on your site and you want to assure the public that you are concerned about the potential terms of service violation? Nice. Also, it took yo ass 5 hours to take that shit down? That’s how seriously you take TOS violations? Very nice.

3. Is it in the terms of service for fb that you can’t post pictures of people you killed or dead body selfies? Not asking for me, asking for a friend.

4. #fuckedupshitinflorida (has been trending for awhile now).

5. You guessed it, this dude is reportedly a super eager neighborhood watch guy. #neighborhoodwatchdudesarefuckingscary (needs to start trending if it hasn’t already).

2 thoughts on “5 thoughts on the guy who facebook-confessed to murdering his wife

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