Your Daily Doggies

Adorable story on yahoo news today. Researchers found that people with empathy are likely to yawn when someone else yawns. They found that Doggies were five times more likely to yawn if their owner just yawned than if a stranger just yawned.  Therefore, by the transitive property, doggies are just as empathetic as people.  I heart doggies.  Here is Jane Doe yawning:


She is so cute.

In other Corgi news, Sutter Brown — Governor Jerry Brown’s Corig–got his own feature on Buzz Feed recognizing his great contributions to Public Service and the State of California. Sutter Brown is not as cute as Jane Doe, but it is always great to see Corgis being publicly recognized for their good work.  If you do not know, Sutter Brown has his own page on the California Governor’s Website (his office is listed as “First Dog”), twitter and facebook. Jane Doe is too busy looking for food to deal with facebook and twitter.  I suspect if she tweeted it would be “bring me steak xoxo.” It should be noted that the media is terribly breedist when it comes to dogs. There are always cute corgi stories in the news and ones about how pitbulls killed children or were victims of a dog fighting ring.  Never cute pitbull stories.  Pitbulls are loveable cute doggies too it’s a shame they get such a bad rap because of a few irresponsible owners!


Sutter Brown Charming the Media. Better than Clinton.

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About Me: sociology, african american studies, chicano/a studies, critical race studies, and criminal law scholar. public school kid from kindergarten-J.D. Former public defender. I am a post-conviction guru. Appeals. Sentencing. Withdraw Pleas. Habeas. Published author in the Criminal Law Bulletin and California Defender. "I do it for the joy it brings, because I'm a joyful girl, because the world owes me nothing, and we owe each other the world." Why I started JJC: My PD buddy suggested it. What and who JJC is inspired by: public defenders I have worked for, with, and next to. my clients who have battled things no one should and are still here. innocence and guilt and everything in between. My coworkers, who fight just as hard as the PDs I love, for many of the same reasons. My husband who was once voted "most Christ like" (every Jewish girl's dream). My Corgi who loves everyone. The constitution. Tabloids. My mom, for giving me a voice. My dad, for teaching me what to say. My brother, for teaching me how to say it.

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