Reality Steve WRONG!!!

1.  This season of the bachelorette has been excruciating.  My husband forces me to watch it. I wish I was kidding. It is so boring.
2.  Reality Steve called it right when Jason did the unthinkable and dumped Melissa at AFTR then asked Molly back right after dumping Melissa because he made a mistake.  When I read the spoiler on Reality Steve I just didn’t believe it.
3.  This season, RS assured us that he was 100% confident that Des and Brooks were engaged.  When, last week, we saw Brooks leave the show, RS said that Brooks will come back and never really left.  I tried to get him to admit he knew he was wrong but he didn’t take the bait, that lil stinker:

4.  Tonight. Des chose some guy whose name I don’t know because I am 100% uninvested in the story.
5.  Yawn. RS, you are soooooo tired. Des, you are sooooo boring.  Husband, can this be the last season we ever watch??? Something tells me no.

what chu got to say?!

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