Hottie MkHarris says Santa Clara County DA Jeff Rosen Not Guilty!

SCC DA Jeff Rosen was under scrutiny by political foes who claimed he acted illegally and unethically by providing deputy district attorneys with extra leave time to make up for lost wages.  In my opinion, whether you think he did something illegal or wrong depends 98% on whether you are his friend or enemy. 

Personally, as someone who is neither, I don’t really care about admin time for public employees.  There are many downsides to being a public employee, especially to being a DA (see e.g. making 100k less than lawyers at big firms).  So the upshot is you get a few extra days off. When your pay gets cut and raises get frozen if the head hauncho can figure out a creative way to make up for it, well, right or wrong, I really could give two fucks.  And apparently the best looking AG in the country Kamala Harris, feels the same way.

Jeff Rosen ran for DA on this campaign of ethics ethics ethics.  Cleanin up dem SCC dirty DAs.  Since taking office there have been quite a few scandals, and he has done everything from saying “we’re gonna think long an hard bout dis,” to suspension without pay, to firing (jjc worthy juicy details at end of  post).  Overall, I think he has done a good job and I appreciate that he cares about ethics and preventing misconduct.  In addition, check out his campaign platform, most of these things are really important to me: 

  • the punishment should fit the crime;
  • investigate police involved shootings with integrity and disclosing the facts of the investigation to the public;
  • establishing (which he did establish) a conviction “integrity” unit to review claims of innocence and establish standards for best practices in investigation and prosecution, and stating it is “only fair” to consider collateral consequences such as immigration when reviewing cases.

I am tempted to call out some DAs in other counties who shall remain nameless who should think long and hard about their totally entitled ridiculous and straight up racist slash xenophobic policies that are to not only not consider immigration consequences, but to try to fuck people worse because of their status, but I will refrain *kinda*.  

Anyway, these things matter to me, so i’m glad that they matter to him.

Side note, did anyone else know that the Supremeys granted a petition for review on the case that was reversed for Rosen’s right hand man, Boyarsky’s misconduct? [People v. Shazier (2012) 212 Cal.App.4th 520].  Dear G-d, please do not let the supremes reverse the appellate court in this case.  This poor dude Shazier.  He was SVP‘d even though all experts agree that he does not have a diagnosed mental disorder that makes him dangerous to the health and safety of others (i.e. what must be proved for an SVP).  His first trial was a hung jury.  So they try him a second time. He goes down. The appellate court reverse because of prosecutorial misconduct.  Time to let him go? No. They try him a third time.  Then he goes down again.  Now, the court of appeal reversed for prosecutorial misconduct, again.  And the Supremes want to review this shit? Just leave this guy be!!! That they have to keep resorting to misconduct to get a finding of SVP suggests maybe he isn’t actually SVP worthy.  

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