big plans

It is no secret that I have big plans for and ideas for JJC. There is not enough time in the day. If anyone wants to guest blog email me. My big idea that I am pumped about (but that will take a very long time and amount of research and work) is to do a shit ton of sunshine act and FOIA requests for police procedure and policy manuals and make them downloadable here. I’m also thinking about requests for DA policies and training materials e.g. their Brady discovery policy. I also want to research how these rules apply to private third-parties who are government contractors (e.g. CVT lab), and if they apply to them, do similar requests there.
Now, proposing this here might demonstrate my ignorance because I may do all the work just to learn I will get nothing because of some statute.  California’s public records statutes are the worst because our privacy laws are among the strongest in the country. But, it is worth a shot. If you have any knowledge on the subject, experience, ideas about what to request, or a list of departments to get them from, please email me at

what chu got to say?!

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