Court ordered therapy three times a week for 18 months!!! Doesn’t the 8th Amendment prohibit that?!??!

Poor L-Lo. The good news: she completed court-ordered rehab.The bad news: the rehab place sent a letter to the judge requesting that he order she do therapy three times a week, either in person or via skype, for 18 months. 

That is a lot of therapy!!! And if she’s doing it right, that is a lot of emotional energy.  
Cruel and Unusual?  To quote my favorite phrase from law school: “to ask the question is to answer it.”  My husband says that doesn’t make sense. So, I’ll answer my own question.  I don’t know if it is cruel and unusual. In all seriousness, of course it is not.
But, poor L-Lo has been through so much in court.  

Just cut the ginger a break already!!!

Which reminds me of this: (not safe for work!! and also sad):

 Sidenote, in my LA days I met this guy at a club and, as expected, he was a total asshole.

P.S.  Dear Shawn Holley, you know you are going to be on TMZ, ya think you coulda wore a suit???

P.S.S. Shawn Holley got her start as a public defender.  More proof that Yglesias is a moron. And you know JJC isn’t scared to tell him.  


Anyone starting to feel bad for him? I mean, he did get publicly shamed on above the law.  Ok, I’ll leave the poor guy alone. Startinnnnnnnnnnggggg Now!

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