Daily Dose of Juice, Justice and Corgis

Today’s Juice

I finally got my hands on the 33 page (that is pretty long) indictment against RHONJ Theresa Giudice and her hubby. It ain’t pretty.  And the pulitzer goes to BuzzFeed for the best coverage. Even I don’t have the patience to analyze the indictment like that! Sadly (?) Joe Giudice is not a USC (united states citizen for those not used to regularly filling out client interview forms) so he could face deportation if convicted, in addition to prison.

The long and short of  it is they are accused of lying to get loans (e.g. she allegedly reported income from a job she didn’t have and also allegedly presented a fake tax return) from as far back as the early 2000s.  They are also accused of lying in bankruptcy filings and hiding money and assets from creditors in those proceedings.

*UPDATE*She hired this guy to defend her. Former AUSA. Member of all the right associations and organizations.  Super Lawyer. Clerked for a federal judge. Don’t know anything about him besides what I read, but what I read seems like he’s legit.

JJC VERDICT: I mean I am not a fan of prison or deportation. At the same time, maybe it is because I have seen  how mean Teresa and Joe are on the show, or because this is essentially fraud for pure greed–to keep up with their ridiculously lavish lifestyle–but I really don’t feel bad for them.  I don’t know, if you feel differently and think I should too, let me know why. I’ll keep my pitty-meter open. Tip for Teresa: when you get upset, you cannot flip counsel table at the jury.

Today’s Justice

Rough day for contra costa county judges.  You heard here first that Judge Maddock (pictured above…to be fair some defense lawyers have said good things about him in the past, but his ruling in this case was truly terrible) was reversed.

On the same day, Judge Bruce Mills was publicly admonished for judicial misconduct by California’s Commission on Judicial Performance.  His offense? His son got a ticket for smoking, his son was supposed to do community service for said ticket, his son failed to do community service (in his defense he was in an out of state rehab), so ole papa Mills walked down the hall and badabing badaboom his son was good to go with a different commissioner who accepted Judge Mills’ representation that his son was in rehab as proof of completion of the community service.  So how did he get caught? Well, what had happened was he went to his son’s arraignment on the ticket with him and that commissioner had beef with Judge Mills over some kind of Judge race that I was too bored to read the details of. Long story.  Judge Mills was so bitter about the beef that he expected that commissioner to recuse himself.  When he didn’t, Judge Mills did not paper him. So that commissioner told the kid to do 20 hours of community service. The kid failed to do it. The judge set an OSC re contempt (apparently how something like this is enforced because it was infraction so no probation.)  The commissioner was obviously personally interested in the case and likely looking forward to the court appearance of the kid after he failed to do the community service.  But, he happened to be gone the day of the court appearance and when he asked the fill-in commissioner what happened, she told him the whole story. WHOOPs.

I’m not going to lie, one night I was super bored and stumbled on the judicial commission’s website of published disciplinary opinions.  And you thought the bar discipline section of the daily journal was juicy? This stuff is SUPER entertaining.  Highly recommend adding to your favorites so when you’re in court with nothing to do you have some great reading material.

JJC VERDICT: Dear Judge Mills, super petty, not worth it, just play by the rules next time. Dear commissioner dude with a grudge: INTERESTING. I’m guessing your snitching on Judge Mills is going to hurt, not help, that beef.

P.S. while I was on their site, I noticed that Judge Seeman (finally) resigned in March because of this.His mug shot makes me sad. double sad face.

Today’s Corgi

My Corgi, who I will refer to as Jane Doe henceforth because, no joke, my husband worries about her privacy.  I kind of wish I really  had named her Jane Doe though, kind of an awesome name for a beautiful corgi like mine.

JJC VERDICT:  Jane Doe is a sleeping beauty.

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