Dear Topshop: You can’t just change the caption, you have to change the photo

This one is kinda funny.  So, Topshop made this tank: That no one with any style would wear this tank is not the funny part.  Topshop bought the rights to this photo, but it apparently did not occur to them that they needed permission from, or to compensate, Rihanna for using her image. Here isContinue reading “Dear Topshop: You can’t just change the caption, you have to change the photo”

$1 million a day for kid who cops forgot in cell

A UC San Diego student just got $4.1 million settlement from the feds after they majorly effed up.  What had happened was he was arrested by the DEA after he was in the wrong place at the wrong time (he wasn’t a suspect, no charges were planned to be or actually filed against him, he wasContinue reading “$1 million a day for kid who cops forgot in cell”

This Shit Breaks My Heart!

I got an email this morning subject line: Urgent. It was a lead for JJC. I bit. Oy Vey.  Get ready for this one — a dirty dirty opinion outta the First Circuit.  NOT for the easy-queasy.A man with not very strong bowels, ironically named Strong, entered federal court in maine to do sum bidness. He realizedContinue reading “This Shit Breaks My Heart!”

Daily Dose of Juice, Justice and Corgis

Today’s Juice I finally got my hands on the 33 page (that is pretty long) indictment against RHONJ Theresa Giudice and her hubby. It ain’t pretty.  And the pulitzer goes to BuzzFeed for the best coverage. Even I don’t have the patience to analyze the indictment like that! Sadly (?) Joe Giudice is not a USC (united statesContinue reading “Daily Dose of Juice, Justice and Corgis”

Reversible Error to Deny D’s Motion for DA to Run Cop’s Rap Sheet!!!

Dear Judge Thomas Maddock, your ass just got reversed!!! This one straight outta the trenches of Contra Costa County.   Wohooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here are the highlights: “The trial court . . . denied appellant’s discovery motion to the extent it sought Officer Stonebreaker’s birth date and rap sheet. ….As a matter of due process, a defendantContinue reading “Reversible Error to Deny D’s Motion for DA to Run Cop’s Rap Sheet!!!”

Juvenile In Justice

Dear WPSU, thank you so much for pointing out this video to me.  Photographer and researcher Richard Ross visited juvenile justice centers across our country to take photographs. Simple enough.  But oh so powerful. Ross tells the stories of the voiceless.  Stories about the outrageous reasons they are there (e.g. stealing a bagel).  Stories about the more andContinue reading “Juvenile In Justice”