What People Are Saying

What nonfamily are saying:

“Nice work on the blog. Good Laugh.” -federal magistrate judge

“If I had a blog, I guarantee it would be far less popular than yours.” -JJC critic

“an interesting more skeptical reaction” [which I think describes everything I write about]-a law school professor

“your blog made me smile”-fellow dog lover

“damn girl it’s sassy and funny and shit, are you sure [it’s written by you]?” – Harvard Law Graduate

What people who are totally unbiased are saying:

“This is how a movement starts”-my hubby

“your ideas are insightful and interesting.”-My pops.

“You have the skills to write like MLK and Gandhi and appeal to everyone’s better angels.”-My brother, in the context of telling me: “your tone  . . . distracts from and clouds your message of empathy and understanding.” (JJC is working on the tone. Kind of.)

“I am very proud of you and your blog…will be even more so if not assaulted by language I find offensive.” -my motherinlaw

“Nice one!”-my ma.

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