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omg JJC agrees with CBrown and John Salley is HUGE with JJC.

16 Oct

So I intentionally did not blog about one thing CBrown said in his stupid interview in the Guardian because I agreed with it and I love to hate on Chris Brown because he is a whiny baby gagagoogoo.

A JJC favoritefriend said I should address it to remain apparently neutral and objective.  Here it is. C Brown lamented that the court ordered domestic violence  classes are sexist. I tend to agree. I havent been to a DVC though i would love to attend so i know how to better convince people it is a colossal waste of time, but I can bet you one thing, they teach you that no matter what it aint right to hit a woman!  Which is not sexist in my opinion if they teach you it is no matter what right to hit anyone.  However, when men say oh i would never hit a woman because it is wrong to hit a woman I do believe that this is advocating sex discrimination at its core–that there is a justification for hitting a man but not a woman because woman are ladies and weaker and meek etc.  Hitting people is wrong. Unless in self defense. If a woman comes at a man and he defends himself, so be it.

I also suspect DVC depends on generalizations about how men and women operate and interact emotionally.

Though, I do not know anything about a class. This makes me think I’m going to contact some people to try to “observe” a class. Will that work? We shall see. We. Shall. See.

So there, JJC thinks CBrown said one thing agreeable. It was still whiny though!

In other news, JJC has always had a MEGA crush on John Salley. Basically since “I’m a Celebrity Get me Out of Here” aired.  What ever happened to that show ? Bring it back!!! Anyway, John Salley rocks. And here is a good fact to know about the vegan mega man.

your daily jjc

9 Oct

juice: kris and bruce are dunzo (old news).  Chris Brown claims he lost his virginity at 8 years old (older news) and complains some more (this is a weekly thing now). Sidebar, the Guardian piece in its entirety is pretty good and well worth the read. I standby my position that chris brown is a big fat whiney baby.

justice: JJC hearts strippers who cite case law to cops arresting them for sunbathing topless.  Yes, all one of them.  Dear NYPD, have you ever heard of the equal protection clause?! If men can sunbathe topless women can too. Also, it is soooooo annoying when you try to cite law to cops and they don’t listen. been there. done that. got nowhere too.

corgis: a true story of leadership, exploration, and, of course, loyalty

JJC hearts Miley Cyrus??? W.T.F.

7 Oct

There is a whole genre of things in life where if you’re too cool all the time hating you really miss out.  See e.g. people too good for US weekly, Britney Spears music, Disneyland and now, Miley Cyrus. This genre is composed of things that are generally so mainstream that indie weird cool people are like “barf” they are so above it and artsy and anti-mainstream that they reject these things in pop culture.  The irony is that they become the mainstream in rejecting it. it becomes cool to hate Britney Miley Disney and Celebrity Gossip.

JJC says flip that! Toxic is a very good song, minnie and mickey are really cute, celebrity gossip is very entertaining and now, JJC is super all about Miley Cyrus. really? really ???? Yes, it is true.  Ever since her VMA performance that I refused to watch for 2 whole weeks, I haven’t been able to look away.  I’m watching the mtv documentary and I like her more and more.  Here’s a clip they showed that I thought man dis bitch can sing!!


and we’re back

30 Sep

after a (far too) long recess, JJC is back, with a vengeance! just kidding. no vengeance. but im back baby. and there is so much to say! here’s some jjc from the last week…

Nothing too exciting.  Khloe drops Odom from her last name on twitter. Yawn.  Miley has a documentary airing on MTV. Allllllright. This new MTV shows looks AMAZING. Chris Brown continues to whine like the baby he is.

Dear Chris Brown I’m no expert on publicity, but I can tell you this: in general, people don’t like bullies. They like fair fights. So, if Jay-Z allegedly sold drugs before he was famous then later supposedly stabbed some dude over some kind of rapper feud bullshit, fans will look the other way. For one, who knows what the hell happened it was a mele. For two, that he supposedly sold drugs is no where near the same as slamming America’s Caribbean sweetheart into a car window.  You vs. RiRi was not necessarily a fair fight because you’re a dude. Sexist? Perhaps. But reality.   When you pick on someone who is a woman when you are a dude the public is not going to look the other way. Especially when you never seemed to acknowledge it instead you complained about people refusing to forgive you. Also, Jay-Z’s music is good. For the umpteenth time,Will you quit this woe is me bullshit already or what??!?!??!


this makes me feel like i’m being punched in the stomach. in general JJC is anti-stings. If you have to create crime to fight it then technically aren’t you breaking even instead of making a dent in crime? Others might say you are preventing some future crime. I say prevention shmention. who knows what will happen in the future. alls I know is it makes me sad that you are arresting poor immigrants looking to feed their families and without the means or resources to obtain a license.  Yes, licenses are important. But where are all these republicans when you need them with the “let the market decide” language???

in other news, I hate when cops are accused of crimes. At the risk of sounding cliche, it is like a true sophie’s choice situation.  On one hand, if a cop is accused of a crime he is accused of a crime and therefore, as a criminal defense attorney, I don’t want to see anyone go down on some bull honkey.  Exhibit A: I do not think someone should be convicted of rape based on a woman making mime movements and the police interpreting said movements as descriptions of rape. Sign language to report a rape? Ok.  Sherades to report a rape? Not ok.  Dear founding fathers, can you go back and time and add to the 6th Amendment you have the right to not be imprisoned based on police interpreting hand movements???? So, it’s like, just cause D=a cop do I suddenly think pantomiming a statement should result in said cop serving serious time? NO.

On the other hand, I really do not like cops. Assuming a cop, someone who swears to be good, does something bad, then yes, i am happy when he goes down.  That said, surely there can be innocent cops falsely accused of a crime.  I suspect before a cop is charged with a crime many eyes see the evidence — at least many more than when joe noncop gets charged with a crime.  So if I see a cop charged I have my own bias that he’s good for it. Which is totally hypocritical.

I still do not know how to reconcile my love for the constitution, disdain for arbitrary power, and the idea of a cop being prosecuted on some farkakta theory of criminal liability.


Unlikely Friends will be on the discovery channel on 10/21 at 10PM.  Definitely worth watching.  One really good quote was someone saying you will not find a single perpetrator in prison who is not also himself a victim.  That’s tha truth. The answer is not that people shouldn’t pay for their crimes, that any one person or victim must forgive her perpetrator, or that people should not be held responsible. It is more like what would happen if we truly focused on rehabilitation and restoring justice instead of merely on punishment and (read: often arbitrary punishment?) Not everyone in prison is ready to reform.  But, we continue to lock more people up every year, at rates totally out of whack to the rest of the world and compared to our own rates 30 years ago, and where are getting? What are we accomplishing? It is time we are smarter about justice; this movie is a great way to learn.

On a personal level, the message that forgiveness is a powerful thing is powerful for everyone no matter what the transgression is that you must forgive.  If this one dude in the film, a police officer who was permanently disabled and blinded in one eye by a bank robber escapee who shot him, can forgive his perpetrator than we can all strive to open our hearts and be kinder to those in our lives who have hurt us, however greatly or slightly.


more corgi videos of corgis and toys please:


my own corgi, Jane Doe, had an irregular color spot on her eye which has worsened and we had a biopsy taken. Should find out results this week. Please say a prayer for Jane Doe’s health. Trying not to worry :/

They say alcoholism is hereditary…

13 Sep

It is common knowledge that alcoholism is hereditary.  Dear Lindsay Lohan, apparently the proof is in the patron and i ain’t talkin bout the ethanol count. Her mamacita was arrested on a lil duiy last night allegedly coming in at .20 on the alchie richter scale. yowza.


your daily JJC

10 Sep

Tom Hanks on a DV jury???? what the what?! Would you kick him or keep him? my colleague aptly noted unless you think sleepless in Seattle sam will be on your side, you gotsta kick him.  if you’re worried he’ll vote g or if you’re shootin for a hang you might not wanna keep forest gump, who’s surely a leader. Who’s going to go against the guy from big? and with all dem oscars? plus he’s so charismatic. I’d be shocked if this one hung.

JJC assemblydude crush Ammiano had introduced a bill in the senate that would make it so local police cannot detain someone purely on an ICE hold unless that person has a qualifying prior conviction. As I previously blogged, there are some priors I think are unfairly included, but this is a HUGE start. And. it. just. passed. the Senate. whoop whoop.

Then, that awesome bill making possession of controlled substances (see e.g. crack, coke, heroin) wobblers was just. sent. to the governa.  badda bing badda booom good things are happening.


Wow, I just found out that Sutter Brown is adopted!!!! Literally.  His mommy is actually Jerry Brown’s sister! Luckily for Sutter’s new found celebrity lifestyle, Kathleen Brown has no plans to pull a baby veronica situation and, as far as I can tell, ICWA is not at issue. KB said SB can stay with JB.

polina polinsky talks to tmz

9 Sep

she is so weird and has a weird voice. and the whole interview makes me feel weird. but can’t look away. p.s. if we couldn’t disbar her for moral terp for sleepin wit a married man, can we now for saying she asked a cracked out lamar odom read her client files to summarize them???? confidentiality? attorney-client privilege? waiving said privilege? where do i even begin???

where in the world is lamar san diego??

5 Sep

apparently not in rehab.

Lam Lam arrested for DUI reportedly refuses chemical test

30 Aug

JJC hearts alleged refusals.

subscription service wuz down

29 Aug

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