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Miley Cyrus Inspired Corgi!

14 Nov

dear world: more corgis going down slides videos please

12 Nov

a prosecutor actually being punished for breaking the law?? what tha what?!

9 Nov

It is true. Once upon a time a prosecutor broke the law. a good law. that Brady law. He withheld exculpatory evidence and an innocent man, later exonerated through DNA, spent nearly 25 years in prison as a result.  Now, former texas DA Ken Anderson will spend a 10days in jail and was disbarred.  WHAT THA WHAT.  This is the first time, according to the article, that a prosecutor will serve time for such a constitutional law break.  Bravo innocence project. Dare I say it, this may actually be justice???


here’s a lil corgi topping on this hot fudge sundae of justice scoop.

Kickstart a documentary about innocent doggies killed by evil cops

4 Nov

Ok too sad for me to ever remotely watch and infuriating–a documentary about innocent doggies shot by cops .  It is true. It happens all the time.  I can think of  2 dogs and a deer I happen to know about dem OPD shooting and killing and I’ve only been in Oakland 4 years!!

This thing says every 98 minutes a dog is shot by law enforcement. that breaks my heart.  Also, let’s be real, these are super innocent doggies like when the coppers break into someone’s home to respond to an alarm going off then shoot a 11 year old yellow lab and–wait for it–leave a note for the owner “opd wuz here…p.s. we killed your geriatric and totally harmless dog.” true story.

I can’t even read the kickstarter site or watch the videos because it  is just too upsetting.

Dear Hubby, don’t read this post

4 Nov

It is no secret that JJC’s one true love hates cats. In fact, JJC’s one true love’s cousin hates firefighters. So this video will offend two people with one stone. That said, this video is too sunshine-rainbow-unicorn-happiness for JJC not to post. Enjoy.

lobby my corgi

27 Oct

funny story about people getting upset that lobbyist walks Jerry Brown’s dog here. old news, I know, but what can I say i’ve been busy.

consciousness of guilt

24 Oct

so similar to a corgi video i posted a long time ago, but too good not to post. doggies are the worst at demonstrating consciousness of guilt. even though they are asserting their fifth, their body language shows it all!

linker or thinker?

22 Oct

A great semi-famous professor of mine told me there are bloggers who are linkers and there are bloggers who are thinkers.  I aspire to be both.  Today, I don’t feel like thinking. SO here is me linking. Best. Buzz feed. Animal thing. Ever. Nasty evil kitty cats stealing cute doggies beds. the INJUSTICE!

zen corgis

20 Oct

past present and future are all this moment. I shall call this: zen corgis.

your daily jjc

9 Oct

juice: kris and bruce are dunzo (old news).  Chris Brown claims he lost his virginity at 8 years old (older news) and complains some more (this is a weekly thing now). Sidebar, the Guardian piece in its entirety is pretty good and well worth the read. I standby my position that chris brown is a big fat whiney baby.

justice: JJC hearts strippers who cite case law to cops arresting them for sunbathing topless.  Yes, all one of them.  Dear NYPD, have you ever heard of the equal protection clause?! If men can sunbathe topless women can too. Also, it is soooooo annoying when you try to cite law to cops and they don’t listen. been there. done that. got nowhere too.

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