Who: Sociology, African-American Studies, Chicano/a Studies, Critical Race Studies, and Criminal Law Scholar.  Public school kid (kindergarten-J.D.) Criminal Defense Attorney.

You may recognize my writing from such journals and magazines as the Criminal Law Bulletin and California Defender.

What: celebrity legal entanglements and drama (juice), anything crim law or tangentially related to crim law (justice), and all things pembroke (and NEVER cardigan) welsh corgi.

Where: california

When: after my PD buddy told me she had to scroll through my timeline on fb for case citations.  JJC was born.

Why:“I do it for the joy it brings, because I’m a joyful girl, because the world owes me nothing, and we owe each other the world.”

Never/Always: JJC will NEVER: blog about JJC clients or cases, past, present or future; blog about cardigan welsh corgis; identify alleged victims of sexual assault or domestic violence or juveniles accused of crimes (even if charged as an adult); post about information obtained in real life without permission from informer; reveal JJC tipsters or sources unless explicitly asked to by said tipster or source to be identified; posts images that are not remorphed, in fair use, or in the public domain [email juicejusticeandcorgis@gmail.com if you believe your photo is on JJC and is not fair use or in the public domain].

JJC will ALWAYS: name names when it comes to allegations of misconduct by those in power; provide citations for assertions of law; criticize and question; fight for the constitution; be sassy; tell you if JJC benefits with a kickback or paid fee for any product review or links to products!

Enough about me, what about you?!


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