CACJ’s bills passed/signed

4 Oct

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Below are all the great CACJ sponsored/cosponsored crim law bills enacted this year (in addition to the bill making it a felony for prosecutors to withhold Brady):

AB 813 (Gonzalez) adds section 1473.7 to the Penal Code to create a vehicle for post-conviction relief in instances of ineffective assistance of counsel that has led to an adverse immigration consequence or where there is new evidence of actual innocence.

SB 1242 (Lara) makes PC 18.5 apply retroactively. In 2014, CACJ’s co-sponsored legislation to protect citizens who have committed low-level misdemeanors from being deported by minimizing the maximum misdemeanor sentence from 365 to 364 days.

SB 1389 (Glazer), requires the electronic recording of custodial interrogations for persons suspected of homicide.

AB 2655 (Weber) amends Penal Code 1305 to prevent the unjust practice of alleged  defendants having to post bail twice due to no fault of their own, giving     them the option of extending their bail for up to 90 days if the DA fails  to file charges.

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