On the OJ knife

4 Mar

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Apparently a cop was give a knife unearthed by a construction worker that was buried at the OJ estate.  The cop purportedly kept the knife as a trophy and did nothing to have authorities investigate whether it was the murder weapon.  When he finally told another cop to–get this–find out OJ’s case number to add to the frame he intended to use to encase the knife, it is now being analyzed for fingerprints, DNA, etc.  WOW.  Question: can OJ be prosecuted for destruction of evidence? Answer: probably not. Statute of limitations.  But how would concealing the weapon play out in that circumstance? As far as I know the tolling of a statute of limitations to allow for a prosecution to occur after the statute expires applies to fraud.  Is this a crime of fraud?  Is there a Kellet/Double Jeopardy even though the prosecutors were not aware of the location of the knife?  That probably does not save them because given the fact that they did not have the knife they conceivably knew that it had been concealed/destroyed. VERDICT: another NG for OJ.

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