19 Feb

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Amazing article in the LA times re so cal police shooting 2000 persons since 2004.  WTF?  Including one incident where an officer was acquitted for shooting an unarmed man after he told the officer that he meant no harm; all on video and no visible provocation.  WTF WTF ????? Great investigative journalism.   I can’t handle it.

Yes, I been sayin that Scalia is not a true textualist or originalist or whatever else everyone claims to respect him for.  In fact, he changes his MO depending on the outcome.  People need to stop with it.  Respect him if you agree with his political leanings and inserting Catholic values in his opinions notwithstanding the ORIGINAL meaning of the first amendment.  But don’t reinvent history.

Finally, I have been disturbed all day by this.  This story reports that a man with Alzheimers was arrested for trespassing and the trial court dismissed the case.  He was in custody and in the mental health unit, they had to have known he was incapable of caring for himself.  His friend came to the Santa Clara County jail and begged them not to release him alone.  After waiting for hours, the friend left to get food.  He returned and was told that the man was released.  The friend then drove around for hours looking for the man to no avail.  In fact, he had not been released and was released the next morning (no mind the fact that his case had been dismissed more than 12 hours before).  The man wandered on to 880 and was struck by a car and killed.  The former director of the SCC mental health unit stated: “There’s some who are just mean, they’re mean, and you know that comes from the top, compassion can be taught. The sheriff sets the tone, the sheriff makes things happen[.]”

According to the Sheriff, the man’s “release followed established procedures.”

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