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17 Feb

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Just finished these 3 books and here are my reviews.

Sue Klebold, A Mother’s Reckoning.  Long story short: The mother of Dylan Klebold aka the Columbine shooter, writes a memoir that will break your heart.  I think people will have a hard time believing her: they were a normal family, they were good parents, they did not have weapons in the home, they were part Jewish how was he saying nazi-ish shit?, he seemed withdrawn but there were no overt signs that he was about go on a murder rampage.  Verdict: GUILTY of being a great read.  And GUILTY of being depressing as shit.

Teresa Giudici: Turning Tables.  Long Story Short: The world’s biggest victim loses a part of her soul (her words) when she trades her go-to black velour outfit for prison garbs.  My first piece of advice for reading this is DO NOT do the auidobook.  I made that mistake.  Sample here.  The entire thing is disturbing in a way which is hard to pinpoint so you have to read for yourself.  Highlights off the top of my head: it is “such a small world” that she bought wet n wild make up in high school and that they only sell wet n wild make up in prison; she could live with the fact that hair dye was back ordered but HOW could she live without raisins in her oatmeal (they do not sell them in the commissary so she bought them off market); woe is me that people wanted to sell pictures of her in prison; there is so much drama and lesbian sex in prison (but don’t worry, she is not homophobic because she thought Kaitlyn Jenner looked beautiful on vogue and at the espys); she told her youngest daughters she was writing a book about prison and that is why she was living there which is an interesting way to explain it.  Verdict: NOT GUILTY of being a good book.

I was more disturbed by her appearance on WWHL when she seemed to think that the reason why the public was upset about her the Lexus she received went she got out was that it had a red bow on it, and that she still explains her criminal conduct as “signing things without reading them.”  I do believe she signed mortgage and bankruptcy docs without reading them.  But, at least if you believe the indictment, she apparently testified at a bankruptcy hearing that her business was created after the bk filing, which was contradicted by records cited in the indictment, and she apparently testified that they had no rental income, which was contradicted by same.  That being said, I would not find it totally shocking that she committed mortgage/bankruptcy fraud because she was duped.  She really is not that sophisticated, even to wonder how it was that they had businesses and income but were declaring bankruptcy.  Besides saying that she did not deserve to be in prison, she never talks about the merits of the case in the book.

I read Faye’s book after watching the People v. Oj.  Man. Talk about exploiting the death of a “best friend.”  Salacious after salacious detail about Nicole Brown.  Frankly, I’m not going to repeat the accusations here because it is really low to make these kinds of reputation assassinations of a murder victim who has no way to defend herself.  I read it in a few hours and it was a good read.  Ghost written by someone from the National Enquirer, that’s probably all you need to know.  Verdict: GUILTY of a good read, but as NOT GUILTY as OJ in terms of being the worst. exploit. ever.

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  1. Paul Upton February 17, 2016 at 5:05 pm #

    Sue Klebold – mother of Columbine shooter. I saw her interviewed on TV. It was very sad. She was very articulate and credible.

    • JJC February 17, 2016 at 5:06 pm #

      I 100% believe everything she said. And it is terrifying.

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