Either way, Brooks Ayers has a disease

26 Sep

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If you haven’t heard by now that Brook Ayers (bf to Vicki Gunvalson RHOC) may or may not be faking cancer I have no respect for what you do with your time.

It is terrible if someone fakes cancer, but probably just as bad to accuse someone of faking cancer. At the end of the day, it is not a good practice to accuse someone of faking a brutally terminal disease.

Having said that (sidebar: this is an asshole phrase), many people have asked “why would you fake cancer?”  This is an attempt to answer that question.  If you will be offended by a hypothesis as to why someone might fake cancer, stop reading now.

People usually lie for the most basic human reason: self-interest.   Let’s recall two things about Brooks’ history on this show: 1) everyone thinks he was dating Vicki for $  [valid?] . . .she’s a millionaire and he has gone to jail for failing to pay child support; and 2) everyone hated him (for many valid reasons including that he (admittedly) told Vicki’s son in law to beat Vicki’s daughter.)

Hypothetically, Brooks would be motivated to lie about cancer to nip these things in the bud: 1) no one would think it was bad that Vicki was supporting him financially if he had cancer; 2) no one would villainize  someone with cancer.

#1 is what it is; if we are admitting propensity evidence he is a little sketchy.

#2 is not so unusual.  In fact, lying about a disease for sympathy is a recognized pathology known as “Factitious disorder.”   I am surprised Megan King Edmonds (“MKE”), who has relentlessly pursued justice for realhousewives-nation, has not investigated that.  Considering that many people on the RH shows have pathological disorders(e.g. body dysmorphic disorder; narcissismpseudologia fantastica), maybe it is not so much of a stretch? Of course, if he is doing this for gain, he doesn’t have the disorder… Also, am I the only one who remembers that Kim Zolciak essentially faked cancer on the reunion when Andy Cohen asked her about why she wore wigs? She said that her hair had been falling out and her doctor friend told her he thought that she had cancer. Then Andy Cohen had to ask her if she did have cancer and she was like “no.”  She told people in 2008: “I’ll tell you that the hair comment has been pretty difficult for me. I’ll leave it for the reunion show. It’s discussed and it’s been incredibly traumatic for me. Wearing hair extensions wasn’t by choice.”  Where was MKE then?! (Sidebar: When I tried to look for the clip to post, I couldn’t find it because it happened in 2008.  SO PROUD I have been watching this show for more than 7 years and recollect the episodes to this day.)


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