CORRECTION: Newsflash: system biased in favor of those with power

5 Aug

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*Correction this is the Court’s, not the DA’s, fault.

You know it’s a sad day when the proof  of the bias in our system is the court treating a business man less fairly than someone more powerful than him: a judge.  Recall that the Alameda County Superior Court accepted a plea deal between DA Nancy O’Malley and Alameda County judge Seeman where he got probation in exchange for a guilty plea in a case initially alleging  more than two dozen counts of elder abuse, and involving between $250k to $1.5 million (initial allegations).

Here comes a poor lil business man who has pled guilty to the same conduct, except involving only $150k, and he has to do 1 year county jail. DA offered probation but Judge wouldn’t accept it!!! That is such bull honky! Judges protect judges? Or just an example of how arbitrary the system is? You decide.

if a business man can’t catch a break who can??!!

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