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22 Jan

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Taylor Armstrong from RHOBH wrote a book that is now available on Amazon for only $10 via this link (jjc gets 4% if you buy it):

I read it in a matter of hours. Good read.  All about her abusive relationship with the dude (SPOILER ALERT) who killed himself.  I was kind of surprised she was able to write 200 pages about an abusive relationship without being boring or redundant but I found it neither of those things.  I’d recommend it. Not sure why I waited so long to read it. Hashtag: worth the 10 bones.
Lilyhammer on Netflix is totally worth watching. It is Sopranos meets fish out of water comedy. It is really entertaining. I’d highly recommend it. The premise is “Johnny” is a nyc mafia dude who turns snitch and moves to Lilyhammer Norway and essentially creates his own mob there.  Only two seasons. Can’t wait for more.

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