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15 Jan

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juice-oh kanye west, you’re starting to pick up cases like chris brown or george zimmerman, what’s the story morning glory? Police are investigating an incident wherein some dude starting cussing out and reportedly threatening kim k and kanye apparently followed him to a massage therapist waiting room and allegedly beat the shit out of the kid. i mean on one hand self defense/defense of others? on the other hand it sounds like the dude was no where near kim k.  Add this incident to his pending self-defense case for allegedly attacking a papparazi and one thing’s for sure–k dub likes to assert his right to self defense. ha.


a lil more juice-justin beiber is suspected of egging his neighbor. yawn. so the police get a warrant…wait what???! to find what? eggs? and find some drugas and arrest biebe’s buddy.  No word on whether eggs were confiscated. Most. bullshit. warrant. ever. issued. oh the buddy, lil za, then picked up a case in jail for vandalizing a phone. doh.



Justice-nice hard to get victory from the sf public defenders for a murder where D confessed. Except that eyewitnesses said he wasnt the dude and even though the da’s theory was that he was the shooter there was no gun shot residue on his hands. still though, it is super hard to get a jury to believe that someone falsley confessed even though some 25% of those later exonnerated with DNA evidence involve false confessions. WTG SF PD Christine Schenone!

P.S. I started to blog about this case and it got published on my blog too soon. Anyway, it’s a case where the appellate court ordered briefing on whether the trial court had a sua sponte duty to instruct on voluntary manslaughter where there was an inherently dangerous felony and someone died but there was no malice. Wait what? the Supremes were all um no. You need malice for voluntary manslaughter.  Interestingly, I did not know you can be convicted of voluntary manslaughter for a death caused by a conscious disregard for human life; i thought that was only murder. But apparently if the DA only charges vol this is available. INTERESTING. CALRIM572. Where have I been??!

Corgis–here’s jane doe being snuggly. she is so cute. but her thighs are lookin big here. time to hit the corgi stairmaster.


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