DA cat fight!!! reeer

13 Nov

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the da race in sactown just. got. nasty. but seeing as this da had a case reversed for prosecutorial misconduct I’m a little confused by the article claiming whether she committed misconduct is murky. uh last time I checked when a prosecutor is found to have committed prosecutorial misconduct it is oh what’s that word? misconduct!!! the da is all “oh by he I meant to comment on the defense not presenting evidence not the defendant not testifying” “I misspoke.”. 1) why are you commenting on the defense not presenting evidence you burden shifter?! 2) I wish this “I just misspoke” phrase is a defense to criminal threats. dear da lady trying to be the head da lady: the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I calls it like I sees it and you committed misconduct. own it. apologize. take responsibility. etc.

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