city of angels

5 Nov

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as someone who lived in lala land for 8 years, i really like this video. minus corey feldman saying people born and raised in la are more normal than transplants. um, i’m not going to hate on those born and raised in la but i will say i could always spot em a mile (30miles?) away. mainly by their jeans if they were male or by their hair if they were female. Other highlights are kanye west saying some people say the opposite of i love kanye west which he wont’ say out loud because he only puts out in the universe what he wants to happen. Kind. of. amazing. I am going to start aspiring to be more like kanye west. or the opposite of that. #letsbringbackthephrasetheoppositeof #orbringbackoppositeday

JJC Verdict: dis video is kinda goooood.

p.s. so i’m watching this and like who is 30 seconds to mars? then i’m like MAN this dude looks exactly like jerad leto who i was obsessed with when i was 13. one google search later, lo and behold, this is jerad leto. INTERESTING.

p.p.s. i’m one of the only people whose middle name happens to be mother fuckin. imma start using that to. #belikekanye

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