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29 Oct

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I love love love target. the dollar section gets me everytime. the clothes are amazeballs. love the shoes. love the homegoods. love the nursery flowers. love the little boys section for super hero clothes in XL.  (note, their stance on gay marriage is complicated). But, love dis: target announced they will ban that pesky box, you know that have you been convicted of a crime? box on their job apps. Wohoo! Shout out to a JJC tipster for sending me this link GLO (good lookin out) homegirl, GLO. p.s. follow targetdoesitagain on tumblr or instagram and thank me later.


I swear when I started this blog I did not set out to be the Chris Brown blogger. But the man cannot stay out of the news. After punching some dude his people have stated he is entering rehab. His vice? Anger management. Classic celebrity damage control move.  I got to thinking, who really started this whole I’m pissing off the public so i’ll go to rehab to get public love again move? Was it Mel Gibson? Britney Spears? Charlie Sheen? I’m pretty sure Lindsay Lohan only went when she was court ordered so that doesn’t count. this is a preemptive move. a brilliant but obvious preemptive move. I’ll tell you what. CBrown is too much of a baby to succeed in rehab. #pessimisticbiatch


Oh I know, let’s make clerical errors, arrest 100 people, and put them in jail for 2000+ days collectively. #fuckedupshitinmissour-a

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