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10 Sep

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Tom Hanks on a DV jury???? what the what?! Would you kick him or keep him? my colleague aptly noted unless you think sleepless in Seattle sam will be on your side, you gotsta kick him.  if you’re worried he’ll vote g or if you’re shootin for a hang you might not wanna keep forest gump, who’s surely a leader. Who’s going to go against the guy from big? and with all dem oscars? plus he’s so charismatic. I’d be shocked if this one hung.

JJC assemblydude crush Ammiano had introduced a bill in the senate that would make it so local police cannot detain someone purely on an ICE hold unless that person has a qualifying prior conviction. As I previously blogged, there are some priors I think are unfairly included, but this is a HUGE start. And. it. just. passed. the Senate. whoop whoop.

Then, that awesome bill making possession of controlled substances (see e.g. crack, coke, heroin) wobblers was just. sent. to the governa.  badda bing badda booom good things are happening.


Wow, I just found out that Sutter Brown is adopted!!!! Literally.  His mommy is actually Jerry Brown’s sister! Luckily for Sutter’s new found celebrity lifestyle, Kathleen Brown has no plans to pull a baby veronica situation and, as far as I can tell, ICWA is not at issue. KB said SB can stay with JB.

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