I’m Just a Bill: Bootsie or Brilliant?

20 Aug

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New recurring post on JJC will be to inform you of pending legislation. I have pulled many of the pending bills which seek to change or add to the Penal Code and the Health and Safety Code. Which is why I haven’t posted in awhile, that shit took a lot of time! Not to mention that there were some amazeballs bills only to later find out, once I started drafting this post, that they were moved to the bill graveyard by the author (Read: Ammiano [JJC Assembly Member Crush].) (Read also: I’m not surprised, they were too good to be true see e.g. AB 885 which would have made the discovery violation jury instruction read that the prosecutor’s violation of 1054 or Brady may be circumstantial evidence that there is reasonable doubt as to the defendants guilt. Unfortunately, Ammiano moved this to the “inactive bills” purgatory.)

On to the bills.

Remember School House Rock “I’m Just a Bill”? Warning, this jingle is SUPER catchy. Will get stuck in your head all day long.

“…I’m just a bill, I’m only a bill….”


Let’s start this recurring post on a positive note. Today’s I’m just a bill: bootsie or brilliant goes to Senator Leno, Senator Hancock and Senator Jackson who co-authored SB 649. This bill would make possession of certain controlled substances, e.g. cocaine and heroin, wobblers. I.e. a person could be charged with, convicted of, or later have their conviction reduced to, a misdemeanor if they simply possessed drugas. It makes no sense that currently someone (read: many people) receive misdemeanors for possession of methamphetamine but felonies for cocaine. This bill will fix that issue. Interestingly, SF DA Gascon wants to go further than this bill with an initiative to make it so these simple possession crimes are straight up misdemeanors with no potential for them to ever be prosecuted as felonies. JJC agrees. Though, you should support this bill in the meantime.

JJC Verdict: this one is not rocket science but it is still brilliant. Felony convictions for crack is just whack. Contact your legislator to send your support via the ACLU here.



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