What is a sploot?

20 Mar

I don’t know but I do know that these Corgis sure are cute.


Reversal on Upskirt Cam

10 Mar

Kind of interesting. To violate the upskirt camera shot statute the person has to be identifiable.  So five of D’s counts involved shots without the person’s face.  Reversal.  Seems like the legislature may have to fix that statute.

Finally a buzzfeed about corgis again!

8 Mar

It’s been sooo long.


really interesting batson/wheeler case today

6 Mar

The judge granted the prosecutor’s batson wheeler challenge that the defense was kicking white jurors and reseated a white juror.  The defendant argued on appeal that this chilled his attorney’s ability to exercise further preemptories.  The appellate court would not decide whether white people are a protected class (interesting) because they held that he failed to show prejudice (kind of impossible to show anyway).  Rarely do you see a defense attorney’s batson-ing show up on appeal (obviously).  Pretty interesting. and creative appellate lawyering.

jessica’s law unconstitutional

2 Mar

Residency restrictions are unconstitutional, but the parole people can impose restrictions based on their discretion.  Interesting.

probation requirement of waiver of fifth amendment unconstitutional

27 Feb

Great case today.  Now there are two cases holding this probation requirement violates the Fifth Amendment and one holding in does not.  That latter case nonetheless states that any statement given pursuant to the waiver cannot be used against the defendant.  Waiting on the supremes to take up the issue.

McNeely doesn’t apply to consensual blood test

19 Feb


Nice reversal on instruction issue

18 Feb

You are entitled to a reasonable but mistaken belief of consent instruction to a charge of sexual battery. Lovely. Reversed.

Miranda violation

11 Feb

Court finds that police violated the minor’s fifth amendment rights by continuing to question him after he said “Can I have an attorney? But that wasn’t me.”  Lovely.

firearm in backpack is on one’s “person”

10 Feb

Disagreeing with another case that said a knife in a backpack is not on one’s person, this new case today says a firearm carried in a backpack by the defendant is on his person for purposes of the statute.